IR Forum

 Each year, IRC is proud to host the International Relations Forum, a day-long panel event that focuses on a unique topic each year. The event started in 2017, when IRC's ambitious leaders had the idea to host an event on the Middle East. The forum was a success, and since then it has become IRC's biggest event. In 2018, the second-annual IR Forum was titled "Rogue States: Big Problems, Little Countries", focused on the challenges of North Korea, Cuba, and Iran in the international community. With the help of its sponsors, IRC was able to host panelists including think tank analysts, political consultants, former foreign service officers, and a retired military official, as well as UCF professors. 

Travel to Conferences

Each semester, IRC gives its members the opportunity to travel to academic conferences to hear from academics and experts on a wide range of topics in international affairs.

In Fall 2017, a group of IRC members traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Association of the Study of the Middle East and Africa's annual conference, where they gained insight about the regions and met leading academic experts in the field. In Spring 2018, members attended the St. Petersburg World Affairs Conference where they heard from academics, policymakers, and even former ambassadors who engaged in panel discussions on today's most pressing global issues. In previous years, IRC students have also attended the National Council on US-Arab Relations Policymakers' conference, as well as a conference at Kennesaw State University. 

Other Events

IRC also hosts guest speaker events throughout the year. Most notably, in April 2018, IRC was proud to host Ambassador (Ret.) Vicki Huddleston to speak about her new book, Our Woman in Havana.