What is IRC?

About Us

The International Relations Club (IRC) is a registered student organization at the University of Central Florida focused on the academic and professional development of students with an interest in international relations and political science. What started off in 2013 as a few students talking about current events around a small conference table has blossomed into a vibrant community of about 80 active members. 

IRC holds three weekly meetings - a general meeting, Global Spotlight, and Coffee Hour (details below). As riveting debates and discussions arise at each of our meetings, students from all fields of study get to explore their passion for international affairs in a welcoming and helpful setting, while applying what they learn to both their classes and the world. 

IRC also provides members opportunities to attend academic conferences, both locally and in Washington, D.C.. Past conferences have included the Association of the Study of the Middle East and Africa's annual conference, and the St. Petersburg World Affairs Conference. IRC also provides students opportunities to enhance their professional development, as well as promote UCF as an emerging hub for political thought. For instance, every year, IRC hosts the International Relations Forum, a panel event on a specific topic featuring distinguished guest speakers. 

IRC is so much more than an academic organization for political science majors. It is full of students from diverse majors and diverse backgrounds.  All members contribute in their own unique way to making this organization the amazing place so many of us have found a family in throughout the years.  IRC is  representative of UCF’s exemplary students, a facilitator for innovative discussion, a model for global engagement.



General Meetings


Mondays at 7 pm
Student Union

A discussion of a current topic in international affairs. Students debate and discuss varying viewpoints on a critical issue.

Global Spotlight


Mondays at 6 pm


An informative presentation and discussion on a particular country's government, culture, society, and international relations.

Coffee Hour


Thursdays at 7 pm


A casual discussion of the week's news over pizza, where members discuss the impact of current global events on the world.